Enter and take an interactive, interesting and educational walk through the history of Nova Gorica.

For a perfect experience, scan the QR code below with a smartphone.

*The application works only on mobile devices that support augmented reality (AR).

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You are now in the young town of Nova Gorica, which emerged after World War II and has a rich cultural heritage. We invite you to take an interactive, interesting and informative walk through the history of the town by using the application "Awakening memories – leaving traces". It will serve you as a guide to get to know important points of interest and locations. Before starting to explore, you can read a little about the town’s history.

The archive photographs and postcards are presented using webAR technology, which places you in a new virtual reality. At the same time, you can share your comments, memories and thoughts.  

For a true experience, you will need a smartphone or a tablet. If you haven’t given permission for the use of your camera and location yet, you can do this in your device settings. You can change them at any time.

Enjoy exploring!

The history of Nova Gorica